I turn 60 this spring. Long ago, I promised myself that come what may, I would take time to play in the month of May. The day itself has turned into the fantasy of a three-week trip with my trailer in tow. Much like the outdoor trips my parents gave me when I was a child, I’m determined to move heaven and earth so that I can spend more time glamping with my girlfriends and grandgirls.

This year will be our ninth B&B year, and we have some decisions to make going forward. Our tents themselves are weary. It is with great pride I can say that I opened the country’s first wall-tent B&B, but that also means it’s time to either replace them or turn them into more long-lasting canvas cabins. It’s a fun project to think about for sure! Maybe I’ll map out some themed retreats. Maybe I’ll bring in some vintage trailers for rent. Maybe I’ll offer classes on trailer recon or backyard milk cow keeping. Maybe I’ll take some time off to ponder a plan ...

My family and I have made the decision not to open up our tent flaps for the 2013 B&B season.

My daughter, Meg, who runs our B&B, wants to join me in some wanderlust this summer, bringing along my adorable grandgirls. And my daughter-in-law, Ashley, who is our indispensible B&B maitre d’, is pregnant with her second child, so she’ll be taking a year off starting this June.

Fortunately, there are other farmstay opportunities that have opened up. In the Feb/March 2013 issue of my magazine, I featured several that look enticing. Maybe I’ll visit a couple of them myself while I’m out and about.

And just around the corner, I turn in a special issue of my magazine, “Nature Knows Best,” available only on newsstands in June. I'm also working on another book, Milk Cow Kitchen, available in 2014. In between and after that? Well, fellow sojourners, I’m going to join you.

Thanks for understanding and THANK YOU to all those who have landed here over the years. You’ve enriched my life. Truly.

Grateful and playful in Idaho,
MaryJane [signature, w/ heart]

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