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TV Shows and Magazines
By Bill London

MaryJane Butters and her line of prepared camping foods are scheduled on the Food Network, a cable television channel with 51 million subscribers nationwide. Her organic camp foods will be featured on the “Food Finds” shows now scheduled here at 6pm and 9pm on Thursday, August 15, as well as at 10am on Monday, August 19, and again at 11:30am on September 14.

And there's more news. The second issue of her storefront magazine, MaryJanesFarm, is now available at the Moscow Food Co-op. The issue focuses on her organic camp foods.

Five thousand copies of the first issue of MaryJanesFarm were printed in January. All of those copies have been distributed. For the second issue, 25,000 copies were printed. They are being sold nationwide in 45 stores, through subscriptions, and through the website,

And in her spare time, she celebrated a unique new food, the garlic scape, at the first annual ScapeScapade on Saturday, July 6. A green pesto-like sauce she made from scapes, the curling garlic flowerstalks, was available for taste-testing at the celebration. More than 400 of the samples, as well as brochures and membership forms for the new Scape Society, were distributed.

Her garlic scape pesto is still available at the MaryJanesFarm booth at the Farmers Market or through orders at 882-6819.

Bill London has eaten several pounds of garlic scapes this summer, as pesto and in salads and casseroles. He thanks MaryJane Butters for introducing his family to this versatile veggie.