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Their Organic Mixes are Naturally Good

Featured in Light & Tasty Magazine (now Healthy Cooking)
December/January 2002, pg 57

JUST add water.  That's all you'll need to put one of MaryJane Butters' tasty organic dishes on the table.

MaryJane markets about 60 dried mixes from her farm outside Moscow, Idaho, all made with organic vegetables, grains, beans and herbs.  The mixes are delicious nutritional alternatives to fast food and frozen dinners--ready in 10 minutes or less!

Among her quick-and-easy offerings are Banana Spoon Bread, Morning Frittatas, Moroccan Blueberry Dessert, Vegetable Couscous, Ginger Sesame Pasta, Campfire Chili and Corn Salsa.

"I just have fun in my kitchen, like any good cook," remarks Mary Jane who created each and every recipe.

All ingredients are dried, mixed, packaged and distributed by MaryJanesFarm staff.

MaryJane, a former environmental activist, started her venture with a mission in mind--she wanted to wean area farmers from using pesticides.

"I knew if I wanted farmers here to grow organic, I had to provide a market for their products to help them make that transition." she explains.

Husband Nick Ogle, a lifelong farmer, shared her enthusiasm.  Organics would help bring stability and financial security back to the family farm.

The couple now works with a network of 20 farmers in the western United States.  And their own farm produces organic grains, herbs and produce.

"We all eat these mixes at home,"  MaryJane says.  "This is the food I wanted to have years ago when my children were young--organic dried foods that are wholesome, flavorful and easy to prepare."

The fuss-free fare is available in three sizes:  Farm Cuisine, which serves two; Campus, Travel and Office Cuisine, which serve one right from the pouch; and bulk.

To order, write to MaryJanesFarm, 1000 Wild Iris Ln., Moscow ID  83843; call toll-free at 1-888-750-6004 or visit