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image of MaryJanesFarm Santa Fe Pasta

Homeland hash
from U.S. News & World Report, March 10, 2003

Tuna is fine, but survival aficionados are stocking up on elaborate entries like Natural High's honey-lime chicken. These dried vacuum-sealed selections are apocalypse-ready: Just add boiling (or in a pinch, cold) water!








Her organic, veggie grub is sold at (888) 750-6004 or

The Martha Stewart of quickie meals sells dehydrated (not freeze-dried) exotic dishes, like peanut bulghar.


Corn, beans, peppers, and jalapeños combined to rave reviews for the Santa Fe Pasta (above, $6.40)

Mountain House

Backpacker faves are available for emergencies: (877) 366-3877,


Freeze-dried food like chicken à la king lasts five years in pouches, 30 in cans.


Beef stroganoff had a few fans. As for the spaghetti ($5.20), a tester called the meat "grainy and chewy."

Natural High

Gourmet and international delights from, (800) 423-3170.


Ethnic twists (black beans and rice, tequila chicken) abound, but the line also carries classics.


Our tasters were impressed by several dishes, especially the kung pao chicken garnished with peanuts ($6.75).

Meals, Redy-To-Eat

Troops eat MREs, and so can you ( or call 800 601-2833).


Drop pouch into a boiling pot to warm meals like meatloaf and beef teriyaki. Body heat also works ... slowly.


Trying the Jamaican pork chop ($2.50), a satisfied tester said she'd had far worse in restaurants.

–Vicky Hallett