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Phil writes frequently since his stay in the Plum Pit ...

August 12
I got my huge order of your food on Monday. Already have it stored in the basement. Anxious to make some BakeOvers. The garden is looking up. I’ve been waging war with the weeds, but the bugs and worms aren’t much trouble right now. Even the rabbits and deer have basically left it alone. This weekend I layered the walkways with newspaper, and covered them with organic hardwood mulch (I’ll find a source for weed-free seedless straw soon). Next year I’m going to get some of that felt-like material you use as underlayment. I’ve found some good organic compost and will be applying a thin layer on top of the rows and around the plants (they need their nitrogen).

I’m thinking about plowing up an acre and planting it in clover to start enriching the soil. It could become my market garden someday.

August 21
I’m sending in an application to the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association. That should get me in touch with the general Ohio organic community. They have seminars, farm tours, etc. Thought you’d like to know that I am pushing forward in every direction I can.

September 18
My food dehydrator arrived. I’m anxious to try it. And I bought an Amish hoe; not quite as anxious to try that.

September 25
Thank you once again for that splendid week at the farm and in the Plum Pit. I’m really looking forward to improving the garden next year. But this first garden has provided a good crop of tomatoes, and I’ve even blanched and frozen some of them for use in soup this winter (preserving food is another first for me). What’s more, I’m going to try my food dehydrator on some tomatoes this week.

October 6
I’m going at lunch to buy bone meal to mix with my organic compost and get my garlic in the ground. Incidentally, for a future discussion, I’m thinking about plowing up an acre and planting it in clover to start enriching the soil. It could become my “market garden” someday. Anyway, I’m delighted with your good news about the book deal with Random House. It’s all I can think about right now. What a tremendous Monday morning!

Organically yours, Phil


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